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The National Latinx Writers Gathering is an annual gathering of Latinx writers in all genres. It supports and celebrates a multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multilingual literary community and is dedicated to relationship-building, creative expression, dialogue, networking, and advocacy. The NLWG co-exists alongside a wide range of organizations, programs, and initiatives that serve the U.S. Latinx literary community.


Launched in October of 2020 in response to a national survey of what Latinx writers want from a national gathering, the NLWG has featured workshops, experiential sessions, networking opportunities, presentations, and other activities by and for Latinx writers in all genres. Learn more at the NLWG website.

In 2020 and 2021, Artful Life, the National Hispanic Cultural Center, Letras Latinas (Institute for Latino/a Studies at the University of Notre Dame), and the City of Albuquerque co-sponsored the NLWG’s annual gatherings. Currently Artful Life is providing funding for the coordination of the 2023 event.

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