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About Us

Artful Life is a New Mexico-based organization dedicated to transformational change through the beauty and power of creative collaboration.


We are dedicated to the belief that community revitalization, particularly in communities of color, is a collective process fueled by art, creativity, intentional action, and a thoughtful approach.

"Creative making is an alert practice where ethics and aesthetics become interanimating, a practice that includes an attentive, respectful love for others as well as oneself." (Ruth Porritt, "Pueblo Sculptor Roxanne Swentzell" in Unmaking Race, Remaking Soul (SUNY Press, 2007).



Artful Life's projects engage community members (of all ages),  artists, cultural workers, and partner organizations in long-term creative collaboration and community engagement. The resulting works of art express a powerful sense of people and place. Projects also generate social cohesion, individual and collective leadership, and community working teams.  Artful Life then works with participants to harness the energy and capacity generated by creative collaboration into community-led development initiatives.

​Take a look at our arts-based community development model here.

Artful Life partners with a wide range of community-based organizations, municipal agencies, iindividuals, groups, and artists and is supported by a broad range of funders, supporters, and volunteers who make our work possible. We're so grateful for the many diverse communities that inform our process, guide our work, and contribute to the collective knowledge that is at the center of transformational change.


Founding Director:  Valerie Martínez

Project Directors:  Jenice Gharib, Andrew Fearnside, Rebeca Baca Alderete, Hernan Gomez Chavez, Maria Teresa Bustamante

Administrative Staff:  Jennifer Lucero, Miranda Tully-Colon

ARTISTS - see Artists Page


Fiscal Sponsor/Agent:  Center of Southwest Culture, Arturo Sandoval (Executive Director), Kateri Zuni, Catherine Baca, Noemi Davila (Finance Director), Alejandra Zazueta, Marco Antonio Nieto, Perla Romero, Jose Castro, Emma Q. Dewey, Marco Sandoval, Leila Sonora Murrieta, Dakota Vigil, Maria D. la Luz Martinez, Yvone Martinez, Claudia Sierra, Alejandra Gamon, Fernanda Barraza, and Analeyi Sanchez.  Board of Directors:  Alan Marks, Maria Martinez Sanchez, Juan Abeyta, Dr. Shelley Valdez, James Povijua. 

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