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Morning Glory

"Morning Glory" at the Sundowner, 6101 Central Ave, ABQ

"Morning Glory" is a beautiful steel and blue acrylic shade structure co-envisioned, co-designed and co-created by 138 community members in Albuquerque's International District in 2014.

Lead artists Billy Joe Miller and Nina Dubois worked with the community ensemble to make "Morning Glory" a reality.

See "This is Our ID" for details about this large-scale arts engagement project.

Thanks to New Life Homes, the McCune Charitable Foundation and the City of Albuquerque, "Morning Glory" has a permanent home at the Sundowner Apartments on Central Avenue/Rt. 66 as of April 2017.

Our warmest thanks to JPR Decorative Gravel for donating grey crusher fine to enhance "Morning Glory's" magnificent footprint.

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