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Global 505

Global 505 (2015-2018) was an action-oriented coalition of organizations that advocated for Albuquerque’s immigrant, refugee and asylee communities. It grew out of the 2014 "Stories of Route 66: International District" project described here.


Global 505 was dedicated to raising the visibility of Albuquerque’s global community in order to enable immigrants, refugees and asylees to advocate effectively for themselves.


The coalition included Artful Life, Catholic Charities, Encuentro, Immigrant and  Refugee Village of Albuquerque, Juntos, NM Asian Family Center, NM Dream Team, NM Faith Coalition for Immigrant Justice, Pivot Evaluation, Together for Brothers, United Voices for Refugee Rights, UNM Refugee Well-Being Project and Women's Global Pathways.


Launched in February of 2015, organizations working with Albuquerque's international community recognized the need for better coordination of services as well as increased collaboration between community groups, non-profits, and other organizations that are dedicated to increasing quality of life for immigrants and refugees.


The coalition completed a Health Impact Assessment around language access with a grant and technical assistance from the NM Health Equity Partnership.


In October 2017, with a grant from The Atlantic Philanthropies, Artful Life facilitated a 5 month coalition building process to further strengthen its effectiveness and influence. The months-long process created Global 505's mission statement (above) and guiding principles (at right) as well as a sound foundation for future work.

Global 505 Guiding Principles
  • We prioritize deep relationships over task and are dedicated to co-creating a life-giving coalition and beloved community.

  • We speak with many voices, communicate in many languages, and think with many minds. The success of our work is reflecting our diversity as well as our unity. We work hard to make sure all voices are heard and that we communicate openly and freely.

  • We structure decision-making carefully and are dedicated to listening to each other and finding common ground. We design and facilitate meetings so that verbal participation (or any other dominant form) is not the sole means of participating.

  • We acknowledge our different individual and organizational strengths and maximize on our collective ability to get things done. We are also intentional about leveraging our resources and using them effectively to advocate for our communities.

  • Reciprocity is the fabric that holds our network together. We share what we have, equitably and generously as well show up for each other whenever possible.

  • We focus on unifying issues and speak with a collective voice in order to maximize our influence and protect our shared decision-making process.

  • We protect the integrity and legacy of the coalition by practicing good recordkeeping, honoring the ways we have made collective decisions, documenting our shared work, and enabling others to step in whenever necessary.

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