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ID Youth Artist Team

Artful Life has been working with Albuquerque’s International District (ID) community since 2011. In order to cultivate the next generation of community artists and engaged citizens, Artful Life is working with young neighborhood artists who are creating art where they live.

Beginning in October 2017, Artful Life staff (including Creative Intern Maggie Ramos-Mullane) began working with a neighborhood based creative youth team of Sifat Alkozai, Marisela Alvarado, Quentaea Burton, Destiny Frey-Gonzalez, Nigel Mwamba, Isaiah Ventura and Clara Aguirre Zamora. Our home base was the Sundowner Apartments in the heart of the Int'l District of Albuquerque. 


In the fall of 2017, the team underwent a range of team-building activities, training in community engagement, and collaborative art-making with seven Albuquerque artists. 


During spring of 2018 and with input from their families, neighbors and fellow residents, the team created small and larger works of art, including a park mural and large community event in May of 2018 (see right).

This project was funded by the McCune Charitable Foundation, New Mexico Arts, and the Atlantic Philanthropies--we're so grateful for their support.  Our warmest thanks to New Life Homes/Sundowner and the Cesar Chavez  Community School who are providing space for the team to work.

Thanks also to the amazing visiting artists who worked with the teens in the fall of 2017:  Nan Masland, Erin Hudson, Julia Mandeville, Billy Joe Miller, Deborah Gavel, Mindy Grossberg, Rene Palomares, Elsa Menendez, Shelle Sanchez, and Alexis Kaminsky.


To contribute to our youth programs or for more information, contact us at



Sunday, May 27, 2018

1:30-4 pm

Phil Chacon Park

Albuquerque, NM 87108


"Arte del Sol," created by an Int'l District Youth Team in collaboration with residents of the neighborhood, celebrated the lives and creativity of the people of Albuquerque's International District on May 27, 2018. This event (see photos above) was the culmination of the team's 10 months of creative collaborative work, led by Valerie Martinez and Helen Atkins, and with support and expertise from a dozen Albuquerque artists who worked with the team over the last year.

Arte del Sol, May 27, 2018

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