Barelas Youth Artist Team 2019-2021

Artful Life/Vision Zero Mural

Mark your calendars for the premiere of the Barelas intersection mural! 

Sunday April 25, 2021. See below!


                       by The Barelas Youth Art Team: "Sunset Mix"


A pandemic is like a movie.

I feel selfish complaining about being stuck at home

when there are people wishing that they were in my place. 

Corona crown, tp throne, sanitizing scepter.

It feels like a big, long Saturday. 

Living in a bubble with panic spreading. 

Classes and meetings are done over video call.  

You’re stuck at home and it starts to suck, 

wishing you gave your loved ones a bigger hug.

A lot of people aren’t staying inside which is making things worse. 

Sometimes it’s just me and my thoughts,

a sphere of power,

except I have no money.

Hearts shattered and days scattered.

Limited social interaction,

and fearing what will happen next, like,

some birthdays, ruined.

Seeing a lot of people sick and trying not to join them,

reflecting on life,the most precious thing I own.

Maybe we’ll all lose our minds at the end of this?

Wondering how to get through and starting to feel blue.

Limited entertainment,

I just want to go for a walk in the park.

I don't remember the date or if it's day or night,

this is a problem.

I miss everything that has been taken away from me:

fertile forests, rivers, valleys, and oceans. 

It’s like an RD Laing Experiment. Docile.

Staying in this house with not many things to do.

Limited opportunity,

because all the parks are blocked.

Confused kids are trapped inside for safety. 

This could possibly become a big problem.

I want to be free,

feel the flame flying through my fingertips.

Maybe we’re all schizophrenic,

having no clue what the next day will bring.

Looking forward to when things are back to normal,

and realizing everything I took for granted--

there are some good and some bad.

Many people think this is a joke.

I can’t breathe.

Maybe we just happen to have similar hallucinations,

from days and nights of staying inside.

I'm tired and stressed,

I’m scared of reality.

I wish my legs would peel,

I kinda wanna keep skin.

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