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About Us

​Take a look at our arts-based community development model here.

Currently we are working with two Albuquerque neighborhoods--the International District (since 2011) and Barelas (since 2015), with previous projects with the South Valley (2015-2018).  Each project involves years-long collaboration and has a personality particular to its people and place.

We also direct, coordinate and/or participate in a range of other collaborations that fulfill our mission and work to innovate and evolve the field of creative collaboration.

We partner with dozens of community-based organizations and artists and are supported by a broad range of funders, supporters and volunteers who make what we do possible. We're so grateful for our wide, deep and diverse community.


Founding Director:  Valerie Martinez

Administrative Coordinator: Lilia Mendoza-Garza

International District Youth Team: Andrew Fearnside (Lead Artist) and Jennifer Lucero (Project Coordinator)

Barelas Youth Team:  Reyes Padilla (Lead Artist) and Maria Bustamante (Project Coordinator)


Fiscal Agent:  Center of Southwest Culture, Arturo Sandoval (Executive Director), Noemi Davila (Finance Director), Marco Antonio Nieto, Marco Sandoval, Sarah Dewey.


Board of Directors:  Alan Marks, Maria Martinez Sanchez, Juan Abeyta, Kateri Zuni. Advisory Board: Yvonne T. Sandoval, Javier Payán García, June Lorenzo, Bryce Townsend, Randy Jirón, Rafael de la Rosa, Ralph A. Vigil, Lorenzo Rangel, Gladdys Uribe, Omar Alberto Bolaños Loya, Laura E. Sánchez, Adriana Ontiveros.

Artful Life is a New Mexico-based arts and community organization dedicated to transforming neighbor-hoods through the beauty and power of collaborative art.

We are dedicated to the Tewa belief that revitalization is an individual and collective process fueled by creative inspiration, labor, and a thoughtful approach.

Artful Life's large-scale arts projects engage community members (of all ages) and professional artists in long-term creative collaboration. The resulting works of art express a powerful sense of people and place. Projects also generate meaningful community relationships, leadership, and working teams.  Artful Life then works with participants to harness the energy and capacity generated by collaboration and channel these into community-led development initiatives.